Separated way before birth

Like any respectable professional sports venue, Joe Louis Arena provides a nearly endless supply of alcohol to fans; typically, this results in a number of drunk fans by the end of the game. On Saturday, I attended a Red Wings game at JLA, and it was no exception.

After the game, I happened to be walking next to a drunk fan. He noticed my Michigan army helmet and my prominent limp, and after some conversation about the BCS standings — a hot topic of conversation after UCLA’s defeat of USC — he looked at me and exclaimed, “Hey! Are you that guy from Last Comic Standing?”

Not wanting to admit that I’d never even seen the show, I simply told him that I was not that guy. However, he kept insisting that I looked just like him. In fact, he even pointed me out to the woman behind him, and she, too, thought I was that guy.

Upon arriving home, I found the site for the show; it didn’t take long to find the comedian they had referenced. Thanks to our similarly prominent facial hair, the drunk Red Wings fans decided that I look just like Josh Blue.

Also, I quickly discovered two fascinating facts:

  1. Josh Blue and I both have CP. That probably aided the resemblance. Apparently he and I walk somewhat alike, too.
  2. I don’t look and walk a bit like just any comedian on Last Comic Standing. I actually look and walk like the winner of the show.

Having said all that, I won’t leave this up to your imagination. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.