Winter in Chelsea: 1 February 2015

Super Bowl Sunday brought the first serious snowstorm of the season. It started snowing early in the day and didn’t stop until late in the evening, resulting in a multitude of school closures throughout the county.

The mule wasn’t too concerned about it.






The cold windy day didn’t stop my nephews from enjoying the snow!






(In the above picture, some of the snow in the air is still falling. The rest of it is being blown by an icy blast of wind.)




Chelsea Fair Tractor Pull: 23 August 2013

With the demolition derbies done, the Chelsea Fair moved on to the Friday night tractor pull. The name tells you most of what you need to know: different classes of tractors pull a huge sled, and the longest pull in each class wins.

The next tractor is Canadian. It runs on maple syrup and its engine sounds like Don Cherry yelling “NOW YOU KIDS OUT THERE.”*

*(This sentence may or may not be completely false.)

Friday Night Means Football: vs Haslett (19 October 2012)

On a gloomy rainy Friday, Haslett arrived at Jerry Niehaus Field to face a very confident, very motivated Chelsea team. Not only were the Bulldogs on a five-game winning streak, but they had the added carrot of a guaranteed playoff berth if they beat Haslett. In addition, everyone who has any affection for the game of football wanted Chelsea to win simply because Haslett still runs one of those intolerable offenses that can be accurately compared to the chaos of a youth soccer game. It’s just one big mass of humanity with the ball somewhere in the middle of it.

Anyway. On to the game.

Haslett took an early 7-0 lead, but after that the Chelsea defense took control.

The Chelsea offense took control, too.

Berkley Edwards


…and offense.

Berkley Edwards

Defense (seen here celebrating after recovering a fumble)…

…and offense.

A large part of the offense was Berkley Edwards, who ended up with well over 200 yards and all four of Chelsea’s touchdowns.

Berkley Edwards

Berkley Edwards

Haslett managed one touchdown in the second half, but Chelsea made sure that was all they got.

Chelsea’s sixth straight win guaranteed its 14th straight playoff berth. From 0-3 to the playoffs. Well done, Bulldogs.

As you might expect, they were pretty excited about the win.

Fox Sports Detroit was covering the game, and Edwards’ contributions got him interviewed after the game.

On Sunday the Bulldogs learned that they would be traveling to Tecumseh to face the Indians…again. The game is in Tecumseh on Friday at 7pm. Are you going to be there? YES YOU ARE.

Geek the Library, vol. 17: I ain’t hissing you at all

Next up in Chelsea’s Geek the Library photos: Emily. She’s joined by her friend the Madagascar hissing cockroach. Yes, you read that right: the Madagascar hissing cockroach. It’s too bad this photo doesn’t have sound: the cockroach was hissing (LOUDLY) while I was taking the photo. It was fascinating.

Do you live in the Chelsea area? Would you like your own Geek photo? OF COURSE YOU WOULD. Contact the Chelsea Library to schedule your session!